Bio Text for Programs:

Eoin Callery is an Irish artist who among other things creates electroacoustic chamber music, installations, sound art, and builds instruments using found materials. He holds a BMUS from University College Cork (2008), MA from Wesleyan University (2010), and has just completed his DMA at Stanford University (2016). He is the concert coordinator at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustic (CCRMA) at Stanford University. Information about his work and recent performances can be found at eoincallerysound.com.


I was born in Dublin Ireland and I am now living in California.

Among other things-
I write small ensemble and electroacoustic pieces, create interactive sound and video performances/situations/installations, I have written and collaborated in the production of sound and music for theater, a little radio, and occasional fit in some performances on various instruments – often percussion – with live electronics. I am currently the Concert Coordinator at CCRMA

This site has links to audio and video documentation of some of my pieces. I have a large amount of documentation still to be edited and posted… this will happen…

I went to University College Cork Ireland between 2004-2008 (BMus), Wesleyan University in Connecticut until 2010 (MA), and I have just completed my DMA at Stanford University (2016). These schools made me write lots of music so that I might put additional letters before and after my name. After so many years it’s hard to stop making new music… So this site functions as a repository of documentation… it’s not the real thing… go see live music, art and performance, but turn your phone/camera off. Why? Because there’s always somebody there whose job it is to document a performance so you don’t have to… plus people are bigger and more interesting when not seen through your phone/camera screen


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