Other Projects

A few other projects I am/was involved with. There is more to come but for now –

Augmented Audio Reality Radio

An ongoing project to live stream and archive augmented and altered reality sounds and performances.

AARR Details


With Benjamin J Mansavage Klein, Akiko Hatakeyama, Andrew Greenwald,
Andrew Colwell, Marcelo Rilla, and others – live electronics. This album is from 2010, there are also some live recordings and a radio show lurking on one of my hard drives.

WUEAIO luvsound Album

STeT Lab:

An improvised music club founded and run for several years by HAN-EARL PARK  in Cork, Ireland. I was involved up to July 2008. There’s an extensive archive of shows from January 2008 until 2011… not sure how long these will remain accessible.