Around 10 ’til 3

Thanks to the wonderful Jack Quartet  ( ) for playing this piece at CCRMA (Stanford) and for all the concerts they gave on their West Coast tour.

This piece is for amplified string quartet (through Supercollider). The gain of the microphones is set extremely high and then limited extremely hard. The frequency of a filter (one for each instrument) is then moved up and down over the course of the piece. This processing produces various pops, rumbles, and occasional soft feedback. The result is then sent through 8 channels creating a strange low-fi texture, which hovers above/around the live sound. Please enjoy this stereo rendering.


Morning in the Manor

This is a stereo rendering of a piece for Ensemble and 8-channel Electronics.

Many thanks to Ensemble Dal Neinte for the performance:

Constance Volk, Flute

Andrew Nogal, Oboe

Ryan Muncy, Alto Sax

Amanda DeBoer Barlett Soprano

J. Austin Wulliman, Violin

Serafim Smigelskiy, Cello

Mark Buchner, Bass

The electronics are both live and fixed. The live element consist of a supercollider patch that generates photosensor controlled sine waves and a”reversed” gate that processes and distorts the voice and ensemble at various shifting time intervals.

Recent Pieces and Recordings

Pangenesis – For Yarn Wire: Percussion, Pianos, and electronics

Barratry – For Ensemble Adapter: Flutes, Clarinets, Harp, Percussion, and electronics

And After – For Now Hear Ensemble: Clarinet, Alto Sax, Percussion, Viola, and Double Bass



Here is a dance piece choreographed by Cuauhtemoc Mitote Dance Company. The music consists of samples controlled by photosensor, live feedback, and large metal object. (Thanks to Sasha Leitman for the use the large metal object – one half of an oil barrel!)

Dancers: Cuauhtemoc Mitote and Javier Frèsquez

This took place as part of an evening curated by Laura Steenberge at CCRMA in May 2013.

And After – Now Hear Ensemble Album “Made In California”

“And After” is my contribution to Now Hear Ensemble’s “Made In California Project. The album for the project has just been released – on iTunes, Amazon etc..

postcard Front

Here’s a link to my track (Shameless self promotion) –

Here’s the whole album –

I’ll post live videos from the Stanford and CNMAT performances, and a version with the accompanying interactive video sometime sometime soon

The Experimental Music Yearbook 2012/2013

So the lamps, photosensors, and colours got yet another outing. This time assisted by Laura Steenberge and John Granzow in a piece called “She’s only Singing”

Just the performance

The Center for New Music

And here’s the link to the full entry

The 2012/2013 issue was curated by Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, John P. Hastings, and Laura Steenberge – Thanks all


Performed by Pechitos Ecuestres, this is an hour long absurdist performance for voice, two guitars, and video. I’ll post a score when I’ve had a chance when I can find what drives I have it stored on!

Thanks to the guys for all the work they put into this, it is not an easy piece… and it’s an hour long. I tried to remaster the audio a little so there is some hiss that got boosted but the instruments can be heard clearer and the dynamic range is maintained. And special thanks to Jorge Portillo for the video of the performance.

Make sure your sitting comfortably : )