Sea Shanty. Over. (Reverb from the Sea)

A very brief excerpt from Sea Shanty. Over. (2020), an 18 minute binaural sound with video work, currently running on the CCRMA WAVE (Wall for AudioVisual Expression) until March 21th 2020, at CCRMA, Stanford University, California.

An improvisation on materials consisting of reverberated found sounds is performed and mixed in real time. The reverberations are created by impulse response measurements taken from the sounds of sea waves crashing against the shoreline rocks beside Hook Head Lighthouse in Co. Wexford, Ireland. These reverberations create a kind of water-based virtual acoustic soundscape. The video for the work is created from an analogous multistage filtering process.

Thanks to Megan Jurek for the ambisonic phase flipping plugin.

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Virtual Acoustics – Capella Romana – Icons of Sound – Back to the Future/Future to the Back

Experimentation of a different kind – an album/Blu-ray and research project on which I was a researcher, assistant engineer, and a few other things! Ultimately, this work allowed for the development of a dynamic virtual acoustic system… original pieces utilizing this and other virtual acoustic experiments coming soon… in the meantime:

Capella Romana: Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia

If you have an opportunity/facilities to hear the surround and Dolby Atmos mixes of this album, then get at it! So much better than simple old stereo!

For more information on the research see:

Icons of Sound

People of Icons of Sound

CD/Blu-Ray Booklet

Recent Recordings

A Binaural Album… put your headphones on before hitting play:

Through a glass darkly, half drunk, and mostly empty




An album featuring two recordings of extended live performances – mostly Electric Guitar and SuperCollider.

Short Story – Interactive Installation

Some quick documentation… the abridged version… of Short Story an interactive installation, that requires headphones. A cigar box is place under a reading-room type lamp. When the box is opened we see a strange book-like interior. Plastic pages can be turned that contain different chapters relating to the life and thoughts of Arturo Feunte. Much more can be heard about Arturo’s life and thoughts during longer visits/prolonged reading sessions.

Not Even The Dead Go Free

Thanks to Séverine Ballon for this intense performance at CCRMA last week – and for asking me to write the piece in the first place! A new one for cello, live electronics, and light/video. Use headphones, set to full screen, and pull up a comfy chair – it’s almost 17 mins long – for the cheerfully titled “Not Even The Dead Go Free”. I will have a proper binaural mix early in the new year.

Also, people are still walking into the room after intermission as the piece starts… hence some of the noise at the beginning of the video, it’s not just people running away…

Lots more music and sound objects to follow in early 2018