Current Projects

Slow Burn In Perpetuity: Music from the Room of Eternal Madrigals

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 09.34.53Currently streaming live on the Diatribe Records Website: An ever-changing (potentially infinite) generative live electronic audiovisual stream in which the sound and visual materials take turns in framing and contextualising each other as the attention of the viewer/auditor oscillates between modalities. For best results, use headphones or speakers with brightness of the screen on your device set to full. More details about the processes involved HERE. Thanks to Jelena Perišić for collaborating on the video.

The Sound of Ancient Bells and Other Things

From a recent Hunt Museum exhibition: Once every hour a short soundscape is played through the speakers. It begins with the sound of these ancient bells. Next, we hear a short ambient recording from Limerick City. The sound of this ambient recording gradually becomes convolved/multiplied and articulates the sounds of the bells. Finally, we hear the reverse of this process — this concludes with the Cashel Bell is sounded and articulates the ambient recording.

The ambient recordings from around the city were made during June 2022

Bits of the Hits

A Series of Virtual Acoustic Experiments created for a Covid Streaming Project


The Blurry Clock

Running at the Limerick City Gallery of Art until July 26th 2020



Layer Upon Layer, Space Upon Space

Prerecorded percussion trio (with 3 live percussion hits from yours truly!) played through virtual acoustics, with layered video and mirror projections

For line upon line percussion’s Quartets For The End of Time Project

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