Chamber Music – for Live Ensemble or Solo Performer

Scores Available Here


Double Feature – or – The Bard Cheek Takes the Night Shift at the Piano

for Disklavier with or without live performer, live electronics (modified virtual acoustic system), and video

please contact eoin.callery * for access to the video documentation for Double Feature

The virtual acoustics for this piece are dynamic, that is they change during the course of the piece, and also involve acoustic environments created from non-reality based virtual phenomena. These non-real virtual environments can be heard emerging and evolving over time from the 14th minute of the piece.


You Might Need A Word For That

for french horn, cello, synthesizer, and live electronics



Not Even The Dead Go Free

for cello, live electronics, with light/video

(Séverine Ballon)


Old Flame Fire Brigade

for string octet and live electronics

(JACK Quartet and Spektral Quartet)


Not For Love Nor Money At Least Not Legally 

for bass recorder, flute, baritone sax, bass clarinet, guitar, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and live electronics



We Have An Exciting New Role For You 

for four female voices and live electronics

(Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble)


Mixed Messages from the Other Side

for oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bassoon, and live electronics

(Splinter Reeds)


Diegesis – Something Like In Memoriam

for two musicians/actors, piano, percussion, live electronics, arduino/photoresistor controlled fan, ultrasonic speaker, and fixed electronics (Utilizing Modal Distortion Effects – currently under development by Professor Jonathan Abel). One camera angle edit.

(Radical 2)


Excerpt from Up Upon The Rhizome at Cantor Arts Center

for soprano, tuba, amplification, fixed media through mono speakers, and a very large space

(Tony Arnold and Max Murray)


Who Heard What And When

for cello, Disklavier, live electronics controlling variable band-pass amplification and filtered feedback

(Séverine Ballon)


Around 10 ’til 3

for string quartet and live electronics controlling variable band-pass amplification and filtered feedback

(JACK Quartet)


Morning in the Manor

for soprano, flute, oboe, alto sax, violin, cello, bass, fixed and live electronics with photosensor controlled sine waves

(Ensemble Dal Niente)


And After

for alto sax, clarinet, viola, bass, percussion, fixed and live electronics (optional interactive or fixed video)

(Now Hear Ensemble)

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