Church Rock (with Elliot Kermit Canfield-Dafilou)


A virtual choir performs music by Felice Anerio (1560–1614) in a real time dynamic virtual acoustic environment using loudspeakers and room microphones. Experiencers are invited to interact and join the choir, and sing along in a constantly evolving simulation of Chiesa di Sant’Aniceto from Rome’s Palazzo Altemps and other virtual acoustic spaces.

Short Story

Abridged Documentation

Interactive installation for headphones, using, MAX, Arduino, photoresistors, found objects, and a reading light

Sea Shanty. Over!

An installation for video and binaural sound – viewers stand extremely close to the screen under a black cloth cover attached to the rear of the screen

There Be Treasure/Cookies

An interactive installation using MAX, Arduino, photoresistor… and cookies

Come Closer

Video performance of interactive sound installation… involves a big saw and lingerie…

The Workshop At The Back Of The Barracks

Interactive installation

Sundial (With Jennifer Hsu and Alexandra Hay)

An interactive installation with kinect-controlled live video and photosensor

Sundial pic 1
Sundial pic 1
Sundial Pic 2
Sundial Pic 2

some low quality video and audio available at –


higher quality video and audio under the knife (editing)

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