My artistic practice and research focuses on electroacoustic systems relating to chamber music, performance space augmentation, and sound installation. I am interested in exploring acoustic phenomena – often feedback derived from both real and virtual systems – in live situations, and embedding sounds or gestures into layers of automated live electronic processes. Below are links to a variety of papers, projects, and pieces relating to these areas.

Virtual Acoustics:

– SMC 2020 Torino (peer reviewed) Methods for Performing with Feedback in Virtual Acoustics Eoin F. Callery and  Elliot K Canfield-Dafilou.

A video of my presentation is available here from 5 hours 4 minutes.

– AES Dublin 2019 AES Dublin 2019 (peer reviewed) A Method for Studying Interactions Between Music Performance and Rooms with Real-Time Virtual Acoustics

Slides and sound examples from the presentation are available here.

– DAFx Aveiro 2018 (peer reviewed) A FEEDBACK CANCELING REVERBERATOR

– Icons of Sound and Capella Romana Album An international interdisciplinary project led by Bissera V. Pentcheva and Jonathan S. Abel

My work on the Icons of Sound project included installing and configuring the recording equipment at CCRMA for the recording session with Capella Romana, and consulting/assisting at CCRMA with Jonathan Abel and Elliot Canfied-Dafilou on the  5.1 and Atmos mixes for the Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia album and Documentary Film .


Embedded Gesture with Live Electronics:

Short Story




Other: SMC 2017 (peer reviewed) Alleyway (peer reviewed)  


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