Have You Flipped The Phase Today?

A stereo version of a recent 3rd order ambisonic piece

An 8-channel version will be played on the opening concert of Spectrum NY’s Multichannel Music Festival, which runs from November 2nd to 10th – http://www.spectrumnyc.com/site/calendar.php

Thanks to Megan Jurek for writing the phase flipping VST that runs in Reaper … saves a lot of time!



Short Story – Interactive Installation

Some quick documentation… the abridged version… of Short Story an interactive installation, that requires headphones. A cigar box is place under a reading-room type lamp. When the box is opened we see a strange book-like interior. Plastic pages can be turned that contain different chapters relating to the life and thoughts of Arturo Feunte. Much more can be heard about Arturo’s life and thoughts during longer visits/prolonged reading sessions. Shown at the CCRMA Open House 2018 and the Hacked Found Repurposed V1 Exhibition at the Center for New Music San Francisco.