Installations, Instruments, Objects

Documentation of various installations and instruments I built – with performances where available. There is more documentation – and in some case higher quality documentation – for many of these piece, which is still in the process of editing assembling… Stay tuned…

Short Story – Abridged Documentation Version

Interactive installation for headphones, using, MAX, Arduino, photoresistors, found objects, and a reading light


There Be Treasure/Cookies

An installation using MAX, Arduino, photoresistor… and cookies

Come Closer

Video performance of interactive sound installation… involves a big saw and lingerie…

The Workshop At The Back Of The Barracks

Interactive installation

Jam-Buidéal + A is for Acoustic

For converted plastic milk bottle, the resonance of this bottle is controlled by the level of liquid in the bottle which is slowly emptied over the course of the performance

This instrument was also used in a short piece for Yarn Wire –


Sundial (With Jennifer Hsu and Alexandra Hay)

An interactive installation with kinect-controlled live video and photosensor

Sundial pic 1

Sundial pic 1

Sundial Pic 2

Sundial Pic 2

some low quality video and audio available at –


higher quality video and audio under the knife (editing)

Between Bare Leaves and Falling Trees + Skry 2 + She’s Only Singing

For photosensor controlled instrument

Between Bare Trees and Falling Leaves + Skry 2

A smaller version of this instrument was used in performance for

She’s Only Singing


For 2 dancers, fixed media, photosensor, live feedback, and large metal object