Short Story

Abridged Documentation

Interactive installation for headphones, using, MAX, Arduino, photoresistors, found objects, and a reading light

Sea Shanty. Over!

An installation for video and binaural sound – viewers stand extremely close to the screen under a black cloth cover attached to the rear of the screen

There Be Treasure/Cookies

An interactive installation using MAX, Arduino, photoresistor… and cookies

Come Closer

Video performance of interactive sound installation… involves a big saw and lingerie…

The Workshop At The Back Of The Barracks

Interactive installation

Sundial (With Jennifer Hsu and Alexandra Hay)

An interactive installation with kinect-controlled live video and photosensor

Sundial pic 1
Sundial pic 1
Sundial Pic 2
Sundial Pic 2

some low quality video and audio available at –


higher quality video and audio under the knife (editing)


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