Other Works Including Video, Gesture, or Dance

Double Feature – or – The Bard Cheek Takes the Night Shift at the Piano

for Disklavier with or without live performer, live electronics (modified virtual acoustic system), and video

Please contact eoin.callery * ul.ie for access to the video documentation of Double Feature.

Not Even The Dead Go Free

Cello, Live Electronics, with Light/Video

Cello – Séverine Ballon

Layer Upon Layer, Space Upon Space

Prerecorded Percussion Trio (with 3 live percussion hits from yours truly!) played through live and dynamic virtual acoustics, with layered video and mirror projections

For line upon line percussion’s Quartets For The End of Time Project

Skry 2

Live video with photosensor controlled instrument

Drunk As Bad Dubbing

(With Lulu DeBoer and Mayank Sanganeria)

Video, After Effects, SuperCollider, Ardour 2

A 2D stereo version of a 3D ambisonic project


2 Dancers, fixed and live electronics (interactive photosensor and feedback), large metal object

Choreography by Cuauhtemoc Mitote

The View From The High Horse

Interactive Video, 2 Dancers, Live Electronics

Choreography by Eoin Callery

Air For Eliade

7 Tin Whistle Players in Motion, 1 Dancer, Fixed Electronics

Choreography by Eoin Callery

Why Did The Monkey Fall Out Of The Tree?

An Amoral Apologue for 2 guitarists, 1 vocalist, and video (a series of projections filmed reflecting on a variety of surfaces, close-up and extreme close-up filming of physical gestures, and the interaction of some of these gestures with the reflective surfaces)

Sundial (With Jennifer Hsu and Alexandra Hay) – Awaiting Full Documentation

Interactive installation for kinect-controlled live video and photosensor

Sundial pic 1
Sundial pic 1

Rough Documentation for Sundial








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