For Pipe Organ (organist and two assistants) and Piano.

This was composed for my MA Thesis Concert in 2010. The Organist is Brian Parks, Assistants Neil Quigley and Grainne Blake, with Marcello Rilla on Piano. I’m not sure that there are too many quiet Pipe Organ and Piano pieces, which is probably why I wrote it! Like most pieces (of mine and everybody else’s…. hehe) it could do with some trimming around the edges, but I do like when the piano comes in and if I ever get time to revise the piece I think I would re-center the piece on that section. The other music-nerdy item that is worth mentioning is that the pitch material was one 12-tone row (or maybe only 11 of the possible 12, somebody else can check the score!), which like everything else in the piece you never quite hear.

Anyway a link to the Score/Instructions plus a link to video of the performance are below.

Instructions for Litany

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