The View From The High Horse

This piece is for interactive video and audio, with 4 live-performers. It explores the concept of changing rates of movements in both the computer environment and in the physical performance. By rate I am refering to the speed at which the video and the bodies of the performers move through a sequence of events. The positions and movements of the live performers influence both the audio and video events.
Two versions of both the video and audio are played linearly from start to finish by Supercollider patches. The default position of the patches maintains one video and audio pattern playing back at the normal rate, looping and repeating when it reaches the end. Another version of both the video and audio are simultaneously played back over a length of time controlled by a random number generator with values ranging from 10 seconds to 776 seconds. The patch flicks between these two copies of the video every 0.1 seconds.
The audio component has additional real-time elements: a pitch-tracker, an amplitude-follower, and a type of gate with adjustable slope parameters. The type of audio component and the frequency of their occurrence are controlled by an adjustable, simple weighted-probability system.


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