Sea Shanty. Over. (Reverb from the Sea)

A very brief excerpt from Sea Shanty. Over. (2020), an 18 minute binaural sound with video work, currently running on the CCRMA WAVE (Wall for AudioVisual Expression) until March 21th 2020, at CCRMA, Stanford University, California.

An improvisation on materials consisting of reverberated found sounds is performed and mixed in real time. The reverberations are created by impulse response measurements taken from the sounds of sea waves crashing against the shoreline rocks beside Hook Head Lighthouse in Co. Wexford, Ireland. These reverberations create a kind of water-based virtual acoustic soundscape. The video for the work is created from an analogous multistage filtering process.

Viewers stand extremely close to the screen under a black cover attached to the screen

Thanks to Megan Jurek for the ambisonic phase flipping plugin.

For more information CLICK


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