Three Recent Pieces

Thanks to all the wonderful musical involved in making these recent recordings and performances possible. These are just rough mixes of each piece as life has not recently afforded me much studio time. Here are LiminarQuince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, and the combined super powers of the JACK and Spectral Quartets –

Old Flame Fire Brigade – for String Octet and Live Electronics

Not For Love Nor Money At Least Not Legally – for Mixed Ensemble and Live Electronics

We Have An Exciting New Role For You – for Four Female Voices and Live Electronics

Around 10 ’til 3

Thanks to the wonderful Jack Quartet  ( ) for playing this piece at CCRMA (Stanford) and for all the concerts they gave on their West Coast tour.

This piece is for amplified string quartet (through Supercollider). The gain of the microphones is set extremely high and then limited extremely hard. The frequency of a filter (one for each instrument) is then moved up and down over the course of the piece. This processing produces various pops, rumbles, and occasional soft feedback. The result is then sent through 8 channels creating a strange low-fi texture, which hovers above/around the live sound. Please enjoy this stereo rendering.